Use PPC as a testing ground for SEO for content

Dani Hart Fri May 05 2017

Idea: Test and optimize your content using PPC ads prior to help improve SEO value of your content.

Details: The biggest downside of SEO is the waiting period. All the new content you write, optimizations you make, and backlinks you build won’t work right away.

With PPC, on the other hand, you can bid on a new keyword or tweak ad copy, push it live, and get data five minutes later.
For example, from AdWords you can see:

  • Which keywords are driving the most clicks?
  • Which pages and keywords have better quality score?
  • What are the bounce rates, exit rates, and time on page?

These numbers all tell you different things about how your audience reacted to your content. Do “how to” pieces drive more clicks than listicles? Do people leave your latest tutorial without reading the whole thing? That tells you how your content will perform with organic visitors, how strong your headline is, etc., and you can adjust your content accordingly.


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