Use Power Words In Subject Lines to ⬆️ Email Opens

Anuj Adhiya Wed Jun 07 2017

Idea: Using attention-grabbing power words, that email recipients respond to, will increase your email open rates.

Details: Your subject line is considered one of the most important factors in getting your email opened so that your subscribers can see your sweet design; so make it engaging, personal, and relevant. With that said, overuse of CAPS and unnecessary punctuation, as well as certain words, can trigger spam filters. Use "power words" instead. These are words that raise the odds of your recipients opening your emails, and include words that help create a personalized impression on your subscribers.

There is, of course, a “silver bullet” to getting people to open your email, because what works best for a particular piece of content in one industry does not necessarily ensure the same responses with another.

But, Campain Monitor looked at the data and found certain patterns. The attached screenshot shows certain words that made a positive impact on open rates. Read the entire article for more insight on finding your "power words" and other elements that get people to open and click more.


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