Use Facebook Messenger ads to boost conversions

Danielle Olivas Wed Apr 26 2017

Idea: Provide a personalized user experience & boost conversions by using Facebook Messenger ads.

Details: Facebook Messenger has become popular over the past couple of years, and it's going to continue to grow. Messenger ads provide marketers another avenue to start a conversation with potential customers. Your ad will simply appear in the News Feed with a call-to-action button that begins a personalized Messenger conversation.

For example, Nordstrom's Messenger chatbot asks a series of questions about user preferences, which can be answered right in the Messenger app. Based on the user's input, Nordstrom then suggests specific products, gift ideas, etc.

How to get started:

  1. Go to the Create Ads section on Facebook
  2. Choose the Traffic objective (may appear as "Send people to your website")
  3. Create campaign name and keep the location to drive traffic to "Website or Messenger"
  4. Choose your audience, News Feed placements, and budget (note: you cannot use Instagram as a placement option when selecting Messenger as a destination)
  5. Select format (i.e. carousel, single image, single video, or slideshow)
  6. Connect page desired and set destination to Messenger
  7. Craft a welcome message
  8. Select call-to-action
  9. Review and click Place Order

In addition, Statista reports that 84% of millennial respondents are willing to connect their PayPal account to Facebook Messenger in order to use conversational commerce.


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