Retarget website visitors based on buyer segments

Danielle Olivas Mon Jun 12 2017

Idea: Use segmentation to retarget visitors based on the specific URLs they visit.

Details: People visit your site for different reasons. They check out different pages and have different intents than other visitors. Retargeting these visitors all together would be a mistake because the retarget content may not be relevant to some of those visitors, leaving potential customer opportunities behind. This means lower relevancy scores and higher costs for your ads.

Instead, create buyer segments to retarget specific objectives based on the visitor's behavior. These buyer segments are referring to the specific URLs that people visit. Each segment has a different behavior, and they need to be marketed differently. 

How to create buyer segments:

  • Define an intended buyer path on your website. Name the buyer segments based on intent. The number of segments you can capture depends on the complexity of your site.
  • Group website URLs into different buyer segments. The buyer will self-identify what segment they belong to based on the pages they visit. 
  • Understand minimum granularity. Add up the 30-day traffic for all URLs in each buyer segment. Find the landing pages report in Google Analytics by navigating to Behavior -> Site Content -> Landing Pages. This is important because every retargeting channel has a minimum audience size. If you create segments that don't meet the minimum requirements, your ads won't be served.
  • Set an objective and an intended action for each buyer segment. Take each segment, define what users are doing on your site, and add your goals for them.

Check out the full post to view further details on how you can implement buyer segments and retarget successfully.


If we update our retargeting and add segments we will get more sales.
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