Improve SEO w/ short & direct URLs

Danielle Olivas Fri May 19 2017

Idea: Draw more traffic to your site by keeping your URL short & direct.

Details: As we all know, SEO is kind of a complicated process. It takes a good amount of effort to get your website top ranked. There are, however, some quick and easy steps you can take in the short term to boost your ranking. 

First of all, you want your URL to be short and sweet; that means no clutter. According to Backlinko, shorter URLs rank better than longer URLs because the longer a URL is, the more "weight" it has, which does not make it that easy for Google's algorithm to locate. 

Secondly, you want your URL to be direct so that both searchers and Google can find it. For instance, take a look at the following examples:

  • +confused

Clearly, the first example gets right to the point, and I know exactly what I'm in for. The second example still gets the job done, but is slightly messier. And for the third, well, do we even need to get into this one? ;)

Keep your URL short and direct, so that both the reader and Google can easily navigate to your site.


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