Dani Hart
over 3 years ago
Increase mobile sales using Apple Pay

Idea: Add a frictionless and secure payment processor, Apple Pay, to increase mobile conversions.

Details: When a customer can checkout on any website with Apple Pay simply by using TouchID, that creates a frictionless checkout and evens the playing field for all merchants.

The biggest questions that customers face when shopping online is wondering if the merchant they’re shopping with is trustworthy: “Will I get my order on time and in good condition?” “How hard will it be to complete the checkout (especially on a mobile device)?” Apple Pay resolves both issues by conveying trust and making checkout incredibly easy.

The benefit is that there is a massive audience of iPhone-owning mobile shoppers who are the earliest adopters of Apple Pay, and not using it will create an additional layer of friction for those mobile conversions. Mobile commerce is still in its infancy (in terms of $$$$) but already accounts for more than 50% of traffic to ecommerce sites. It’s easy to connect the dots.

Source: Bigcommerce.com

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