Danielle Olivas
over 2 years ago
Use bold, attention-grabbing CTAs to ⬆ conversions

Idea: Ensure that your CTA buttons stand out by making them bold & colorful, as well as using headers to remind the visitor what they're there for.

Details: As you browse the web every day, you likely stumble across hundreds of buttons asking you to perform an action – whether it’s to subscribe to instant news alerts via email, to sign up for a gym membership TODAY, or to buy that new t-shirt you’ve been waiting for. Call-to-Action buttons (CTAs) are all around us. So, what makes a good CTA that compels visitors to click and pursue? 

Here are a few suggestions that GoSquared has to offer (all examples are attached):

Check out the full article for further insight on how to make your CTAs stand out and encourage action.


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