Sean Ellis
6 months ago
Recruit customers through incumbent platform

Figure out where your target customer previously performed the transactions that your solution improves and find a way to get your solution in front of those marketplace participants.

This tactic has been used by ride sharing companies (Uber initially tapped into the supply of black cars) and more recently ride sharing companies have recruited drivers from other ride sharing companies.

Airbnb used this tactic by offering users who listed properties on Airbnb the opportunity to post them to Craigslist (with a link back to Airbnb to complete the transaction). They also recruited people already posting on Craigslist to post their properties on Airbnb (see attached screenshot).

Note on Ease Score: Implementation can be manual (such as in the case of ride sharing companies) or technical (such as the case of Airbnb). The ease score will vary widely depending on the approach you take.

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