Anuj Adhiya
over 1 year ago
Send top content to new subscribers to⬆️ retention

Idea: Send your top performing content to new subscribers first (instead of whatever is in the queue). This will make a great first impression and raise the odds of these subscribers continuing to engage with your content after they've seen your best.

Details: The Sidekick team (now called HubSpot Sales) built an email workflow where new subscribers would be sent their top performing content for the first four weeks of subscribing. So now, instead of receiving whatever post they would publish next, new readers received content with a proven track record of getting high clickthrough rates.

The results seemed to prove their hypothesis true. These workflow emails generated 2x the click through rate as their normal weekly sends – simple proof that first impressions really do count. 

Once the four-week workflow had run its course, readers were moved from the drip campaign to their official subscriber list, where they received new content as it was published. As a result of the higher engagement during content onboarding, they now had a stronger rate of giving their future content a click, and ultimately being retained as readers.

Check out the entire article for more details and other experiments the Sidekick team ran to grow subscribers for their blog.

Source: anumhussain.com 

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