Matthew Barby
over 3 years ago
Offer product discounts via Facebook Messenger

Direct people through to your chatbot in order to get a discount on your product(s). From here you can then show them extra product recommendations, get them to checkout directly within Messenger or follow up with them to get product reviews.

How: This involves creating a basic content block within Chatfuel that has a discount code within it. Instead of giving all users of the bot the same experience, you can direct them through to specific parts of the conversation (or 'blocks'). Using the direct link to your content block, you'll be able to create CTAs on your website that direct people straight into Messenger to get a discount code.

You can then add some follow-up messages to get people to convert using your code, as well as automate any follow-up post-sale (this takes a little extra work).

There's also the option of tying this to a Facebook ad that sends users directly into Messenger.

Source: matthewbarby.com

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