Alex Sherstinsky
over 3 years ago
Reach Out to your Existing Network to Get Visitors

Bootstrap visits to your website by engaging with your existing network (family, friends, et al).

And the best way to do this initially is to start using the tools you already have available to you.

Most people refuse to engage their existing network. They feel "weird" about involving their family and friends in the businesses or websites, especially if this is a new unproven and unfamiliar concept. So they never reach out for the fear of critique, disrespect, or even shame and ridicule. But an entrepreneur must not worry about his/her reputation when it comes to building buzz about his/her company. Moreover, if anybody wants to support you, it is the people you already know. Your existing network is your most powerful tool for getting knocking over that initial traffic domino.

Get your first visitors to by sharing your fledgling site with your family and friends through Facebook groups, Facebook chat, and text messages. To do this formally so you can measure it, create a spreadsheet with all your family and friends, and reach out explaining what you are working on, asking them individually either to subscribe or give you feedback.

Reach out individually rather than in a group message on Facebook or Whatsapp, since people might get annoyed when they are added to a group message.


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