Edward Stephens
over 3 years ago
Generate Massive Traffic with a Viral Giveaway

Use giveaways to drive email subscribers an email list corresponds directly to how much traffic you drive to your website.

When setting up a giveaway here are the key takeaways:
1) The more targeted your giveaway is the higher the quality of your participants will be.
2) Instead of buying an iPad to give away, work with brands to give away something that’s aligned with your blog or business.
3) If you want a giveaway connect with a company as a customer not as a company yourself.
4) To automate the giveaway process use a platform like Rafflcopter or King Sumo.
5) When you are setting up your giveaway, plan to make the giveaway last for at least four days.

Example email:

Subject: Promoting [Company] to 1000+ people
Hey [Company],

I LOVE your stuff and want to help get the word out.

My site [] has a growing mailing list of hundreds of people.

Wanted to get y’all more exposure, for free.

Can you donate [x] in a giveaway that I’ll promote out to my audience?

Be Awesome,



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