Dani Hart
over 4 years ago
Incentivize freemium users to share your product

Idea: Increase the number of users through referral by incentivizing freemium users to share the product in exchange for additional product features.

Details: Ever think about what makes MailChimp so successful as a growing company? Our friends at Drift attribute their growth to three things: a lovable brand, a freemium option, and customer delight. This idea focuses on the referral aspect of their freemium option.

MailChimp offers a freemium account with a monthly cap of 500 subscribers and 3,000 emails per month. All emails sent by the free accounts using MailChimp include the MailChimp logo and have a link back to MailChimp.com. This allows the free accounts to act as a free marketing channel for MailChimp while still providing value to the user.

The freemium users are also rewarded with “MonkeyRewards Credits” every time a person they referred through their MailChimp footer badge ended up becoming a paying customer. Free users can then put those credits toward MailChimp services like inbox inspections or even future bills if they decided to upgrade.

Source: Drift

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