Dani Hart
over 3 years ago
Use exit intent survey to learn why users leave

Idea: Find out why your traffic isn't converting with an exit-intent survey.

Details: Use Qualaroo to set up a survey that pops when users are about to abandon your page. In your survey, ask questions like "What was your biggest concern about making a purchase today?" to learn why your users aren't converting.

Questions like “What would have convinced you to complete your purchase?” or “Were there any items missing that prevented you from completing your purchase?” can get to the root cause of why your traffic isn’t converting. You can use multiple steps beyond this first question to figure out exactly what a visitor’s goal was in coming to your site.

An exit intent survey will tell you a lot about what your visitors want from your site and your business. Maybe you don’t have enough stock of an item that they really want. Maybe your pricing structure is confusing. Maybe they think you charge too much for your products.

There are two ways you can act on this data. If you find that a lot of your traffic simply doesn’t find your product(s) necessary or affordable, you’re probably targeting the wrong audience and haven’t found product-market fit. If you find that they do want what you offer but you’re driving them away with parts of your landing page or just with a lack of inventory, then you can adapt based on demand.

Source: https://blog.ladder.io/qualaroo-surveys/?utm_campaign=Submission&utm_medium=Community&utm_source=GrowthHackers.com

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