Combine Facebook Ads with content marketing

Dani Hart Tue May 23 2017

Idea: Warm up new audiences (cold leads) using content in your Facebook ads before you attempt to sell them.

Details: Often, the reason marketers target cold leads with straightforward sales offers is that they simply don’t have enough warm leads to target. There’s a huge unfilled gap between the cold leads and warm leads. You can fill this gap by using the combination of content marketing and Facebook ads.

Instead of jumping in with a salesy offer right away, start slowly and share valuable content with your Facebook target audiences. For example, Moz plays the long game and publishes 10x content about the latest SEO tactics. Slowly but surely, cold leads start to perceive them as a leading expert in the field of SEO, turning new leads into customers.

According to an article on Facebook blog promotions on Content Marketing Institute, here’s the best publishing plan for promoting blog content on Facebook:

  • Share your post on Facebook
  • Ask your team members to like and share the post but don’t overdo it unless you want to get penalized by Facebook
  • Boost your Facebook post to reach a wider audience

Tip: You can use a single Facebook page post across multiple ad campaigns, so that all the social proof (likes and shares) will show under a single ad.

Source: KlientBoost

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