Build a Slack customer community to reduce churn

Anuj Adhiya Fri Jul 21 2017

Idea: Increase retention of your product by building an engaging community for customers to interact with other customers and your team.

Details: ProdPad launched a Slack community for their customers after their Director of Customer Success insisted on a better way to create engagement and reach people because email and Twitter alone weren't cutting it. Today, customers who join their slack community are not canceling their plans. In fact, 99% of their cancellations are coming from customers who weren't part of their community.

The benefits of using a slack channel for your customers:

  • Companies can build their brand by creating loyal and engaged customers
  • Customers can get direct help from a brand and help from other customers
  • Customers can influence the product
  • Customers don't have to actively participate to get value

Source: Prodpad

A Slack customer community will engage users and reduce churn

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