Automate personalized image in prospecting email

Dani Hart Tue Jun 13 2017

Idea: Create a personalized message that will increase response rates in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually.

Details: With this hack, you can personalize the company logo, company color, person's image, and person's name all within one image without spending the time to personalize each individually.

  1. Company logo - use the free Clearbit Logo API to find logos programmatically.
  2. Company color - use the Clearbit Logo API and ImageMagick's pixel analysis to identify a prominent color.
  3. Person's image & name - use a combination of the Clearbit Prospector and Enrichment tool to return a profile picture associated with the person's name.
  4. Creating the image - Combine assets into countless personalized images/web addresses using the Google Cloud Functions and Google Cloud Storage.


Shoutout to Brian Anderson from Captuvate for the idea and to Kyle Williams of Dogpatch Advisors on helping us understand how to automate it.

Generate more leads with a higher quality prospect email.
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