Announce product updates via social channels

Danielle Olivas Wed Jun 14 2017

Idea: Keep users up to date & engaged by notifying them of product updates.

Details: Onboarding users doesn't necessarily end after they receive warm welcome emails, nor after they have converted or paid. Onboarding continues as long as there are new things to discover about your brand. As you improve your service, inform your users about the changes and let them know the reasons behind each update so that it paints a clear picture of how their user experience will be improved, as well as what they can expect from the update.

You can easily get the message across by coordinating launches through the following channels:

  • Post an update to your blog with what you're working on
  • Share your update on Product Hunt and build a buzz about your product in the SaaS community
  • Share on social media

Check out how Drift did this when they launched Drift 2.0. Founder and CEO, David Cancel, posted a short tweet regarding the launch (see attached). Instead of explaining everything that Drift had done, he simply included a short video in his message that highlighted the updates. Then, on Drift 2.0's Product Hunt page, David asked users to post any questions they had and he answered them one by one (see attached).

This is a great way to quickly notify users of your brand's updates and, furthermore, you can potentially acquire new users that see your post.


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