Different Types of Expository Essay

Mike Carley Tue Sep 01 2020
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Got assigned an expository essay?

Are you panicking because it is the first time you heard the word “expository essay”?

Worried that you won’t be able to write it, so you’re looking for an legit essay writing service online?

Well, here’s everything you need to know about it in order to craft a compelling essay.

Expository essay is an explanation of the topic presented using a lot of details to make it easier for the reader to understand. Expository writing is mostly based on facts with no room for your emotions. Due to this, you must conduct extensive research to find relevant information on the topic.

It is similar to other types of essays in terms of its structure and format as it includes an introduction, thesis statement, body and conclusion. There are four different types of an expository essay:

The Cause and Effect Essay

Everything in the world has an action and a reaction. Similarly, in a cause and effect essay, you talk about why something happened and what the result might be.

There are two ways of writing such essays, the block or chain method. In the block method you first discuss all the causes of an event and then its effects. On the other hand, in a chain structure, you highlight a cause of an event followed by its effect.

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The Problem and Solution Essay

As the name suggests, in such essays, you need to analyze an issue regarding a situation and then propose a solution to overcome the problem. Your goal is to convince the reader why your proposed solution is better than the existing.  

The Comparison and Contrast Essay

Such essays discuss the similarities and differences between two subjects belonging to the same category. For instance, you can write a compare and contrast essay on two footballers and not a footballer and an artist.

They also follow the same block and chain structures mentioned earlier.

The Definition Essay

The definition essay requires students to form their own explanation of a term according to their perspective and background. You can start with the existing definition of a word or concept and explain it according to your own understanding and point of view. You can also provide the origin of the word. If you go through different research paper topics you will find presence of definition essay in them.

The Process Essay

The process essay is also known as the “how-to” essay. It describes the steps involved to carry out a task. Start by discussing the problem and in your body paragraphs, discuss the entire process of solving it.

These were the different expository essay types, but the main idea behind all of them is the same - to provide the reader with information and guide them about a particular concept.

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